The Local Government Accounting of Schmalkalden in the year 1568

The first volume of the series of publications “The Local Government Accounting of Schmalkalden in the year 1568″ edited by the Stadt – und Kreisarchiv Schmalkalden provides a wealth of valuable material for genealogical research. There are more than 1000 taxpaying citizens of Schmalkalden registered in the Local Government accounts. The book comes along with the oldest Parish Register proving the baptisms, marriages and deaths recorded during the period of 1567/68 and referring to citizens in the town and the surroundings. The publication does indeed give insights into the everyday life of the ancestors of ours in an old central German town during the time of reformation. The text presented from the two original books is authentic wording. The authors have also provided an extensive register giving explanations. There is a glossary to expain out-of -date phrases and idiomatic expressions. Weights and measures as well as coins are classified.

The book falls into two parts, contains 275 pages (DIN-A 4) and presents a number of black-and white as well as coloured illustrations including the oldest map of the “Herrschaft Schmalkalden” outlined by Joist Moers in 1589. The volume has been edited by Zweckverband Kultur des Landkreises Schmalkalden-Meiningen and can be bougth at both
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